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Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time - 29th October 2017

 Nguyen Van Mah is one of eight sons. In 1978 his poor farming parents had to decide which one of their 12 children would be sent on a boat from Vietnam. They knew there was a great risk that they would be sending their son to his death on the South China Sea.

At 4.00 am a knock on the door of the family home came and Mah said his goodbyes. He has not seen his parents since. Mah was blindfolded and travelled in the back of a truck for eight hours. He was led through the jungle to a beach where the blindfold was removed. Mah told me that sometimes at this moment people are shot by evil traders who collect the money without any intention of dispatching a boat. That families never hear from their children is no surprise. 

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