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One Monday, three priests, a Franciscan, a Dominican and a Jesuit were having a hard time on the golf course. The golfers in front of the priests were the slowest and worst they had ever seen. Golf balls were going everywhere. Against golfing etiquette, the group never asked the priests to ‘play through’. By the 18th hole the priests were furious. At the clubhouse, just as they were going over to blast the group, they were told that the men were blind. The Franciscan, moved with remorse at how they had spoken about the group, said to the Dominican and the Jesuit, ‘I am going to say Mass every day that God may grant them a miracle and restore their sight’. The Dominican, equally filled with regret, told the Jesuit and the Franciscan that he was going to get the blind men an appointment with the best eye surgeon in town. The Jesuit, however, looked at the Franciscan and the Dominican and declared, ‘I can't see why they don't play at night!’

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