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Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time 30 June—1st July 2018

This is a story of subversion, subversion of the social order turned upside down by the healing presence of Jesus. Jesus is approached by one of the local elite: a male, with a name [Jairus], prestige, an advocate for his twelve year old daughter, and he knows the correct procedure, adopting a deferential posture. Jesus hears his request to heal his daughter and sets off. Jesus’ progress is stopped in its tracks by a contrary figure: a woman, with no name, voiceless, because of her haemorrhaging blood ostracised from social and religious contacts, and she adopted the utterly wrong approach. She touched Jesus, or at least his clothing, which risked contaminating him with her ‘uncleanness’. But she was immediately healed. This voiceless, marginalised woman was healed at every level of her person: physical, social and religious. She could now mix with people and attend the synagogue.

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