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Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time 27-28 January 2018 (YRB)

We’ve all had to put up with boring speeches or sermons from time to time, whether it be from politicians, preachers, at school speech nights or the local service or sports club.  Every now and then though we come across someone who really arrests our attention.  It mightn’t be only that he or she puts words together well; it’s often a combination of that and something in the content that strikes a chord.  Maybe we are even envious of the obvious gift that person has.  This is surely how Jesus came across to those people in the synagogue.  This was someone quite different; they had had their share of the run of the mill scribes with their tired old platitudes.  Here was someone who really meant what he said and was able to back it up with fearless engagement with a power from which they shrank in ignorance and doubt.

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