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Fourth Sunday of Easter - 22 April 2018

Sometimes a piece of theatre can be so power-ful it stays with you for your whole life. Many years ago I saw Jesuit dramatist Michael Moynahan perform his mime entitled ‘Come-Passion’. It starts with a clown happily doing tricks and juggling for the audi-ence. Soon, Jesus is led in by the soldiers and is crucified. The clown watches on in horror. When Jesus dies and the soldiers go home the clown remains at the foot of the cross. He removes the nails from the hands and feet of Jesus and cra-dles the corpse in his lap, as in Mi-chelangelo's Pieta. He weeps for the evil that saw a just man cruci-fied. Just then, the soldiers return and find the clown grieving over the body of Jesus. They crucify the clown. The clown suffers and dies on the cross. As they leave Jesus is raised to life, he sees the suffering clown, removes the nails, cradles him in his arms and holds him for what feels like an eternity.

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