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Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time 3-4 February 2018

In the time of Jesus almost everything they couldn't understand was put down to a demon or an evil spirit. In the Talmud, (a large book dating from around the time of Jesus that contains the collected teachings of the Rabbis), several pages are devoted to the healing of ‘fevers’. Even though we have become more advanced in our medical knowledge, it's surprising how this thinking still persists. While most people don't blame evil for their ailments, they can think God has a direct hand in sending an illness or an injury. Such faulty theology cannot be reconciled with the New Testament. There is not a single instance where Jesus inflicts pain and suffering on others. He regularly tells us we have to carry our cross and bear our burdens, but this is vastly different from personally laying a cross on our shoulders or giving us the burdens in the first place.

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