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Feast of Christ the King - 25 November 2018

Pope Pius XI established the feast of Christ the King in the Holy Year of 1925. It appears to have its roots in the 1880s when many European bishops were worried with what they saw as the rise of secularisation. I’m pleased they’re not around today! These bishops were concerned at how governments were increasingly asserting more power over and against the church. Especially in France and Italy Bishops started to venerate Jesus as the Universal King. This devotion took off. By 1922, at the Eucharistic Congress in Rome, sixty-nine cardinals petitioned the Pope to establish this feast. Within three years the Vatican had been inundated with requests, and so the solemnity was established. It’s clear from today’s Gospel, and the New Testament in general, that while Jesus frequently spoke of his Kingdom, is hailed like a king on Palm Sunday and is facetiously given the title of king by Pilate, his kingship is vastly different from those of Caesar, Herod and even David and the other Kings of Israel

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