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Birth of John the Baptist - 23rd –24th June 2018

The American political drama West Wing has been a huge hit on television. Well-scripted, cleverly cast and finely acted, it dramatises events around the most powerful office in the world. This is one drama series that does not need to invent stories. With former White House insiders hired as consultants, West Wing explores important issues and demonstrates the process by which a public position is adopted. The best aspect of this drama, however, is that it portrays the power of the backroom players involved in the process. Every democracy, every institution, including the Church, has people who are not the public face of the organisation but are very powerful in shaping what the group stands for and where it goes. A politician friend of mine says, ‘Parliament is theatre sports writ large; real power and the important decisions are worked out in the backrooms, small offices and corridors.’ Yes Minister's Sir Humphrey Appleby would drink to that! 

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